Security Done Right

Blockchain tools to help you beat fraud, fully integrated with your business or personal accounts.

Fraud Prevention Done Right

Statistics show we never use more than 5 passwords our entire life, how secure can that really be? We engineered SecondFactor for your Cybersafety, because we know how devastating account breaches can be.

Secure By Design

We are dedicated to you, old ways of combating fraud were never designed for modern internet businesses. SecondFactor is an integrated solution for automatic fraud protection.

Set Custom Rules

Security Notifications is an effective way of letting your users resolve their own risky activity without involving analysts or support people. SecondFactor is here to help identify and prevent fraud quickly.

Secure Your Business.

Passwords are easy to steal or hack, but 2FA can help protect you and your company from account breaches. SecondFactor enchances 2FA by using Multisig blockchain tech.

Two Factor Authentication

It’s easy to secure your favorite services by activating two factor authentication. Learn how SecondFactor works to protect you, and where you can use it.

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Cosign Protocol

  • Unlimited EZ2F verifications
  • $0.25 / additional user
  • $0.75 / key recovery
  • $0.50 / update user
  • Sign Up

Etoken Protocol

  • $0.25 / additional user
  • $0.15 / recovery request
  • $0.50 / update user
  • / recovery
  • Sign Up

API For Developers

More ways to prevent account breaches. Secure your business, secure your customers.

  • API Guidelines
  • Personal Security
  • Business Security
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Two factor codes, sent right to your desktop.

― No cellphone required

Why SecondFactor?

Regular text messaging uses Signaling System No. 7, a telephony signaling language that more than 800 telecommunications companies around the world use.

Blockchain Protocols

We at SecondFactor recognize the risk of using a vulnerable and un-secure network, and that is why our security is build on blockchain protocols and executed by Smart Contracts.